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A new initiative

The challenge was  born a Saturday Morning in April of 2016.  There was much to be #SickAndTired of that day. First, it was a very cold morning in Cornwall.  The winter  had been extremely harsh and the temperature remaining at a mere 40 at the end of April made us #SickAndTired of mother nature being tempermental.  We blamed it on global warming and big corporations destroying the environment for future generations.  We were #SickAndTired of politicians denying global warming even exists!  Secondly, the world was a mess.  There were issues with Syria, Russia and Iran, which made us #SickAndTired of the universal path Humans were taking.   Then, there was the racial tension, something that should not even be in existence in this day and age, which made us #SickAndTired of injustice and white privilege.  Oh, and we were totally and ultimately #SickAndTired of the US Elections.

Needless to say, that got us thinking.  What if we created a challenge, a positive challenge to eradicate all the things we’re sick and tired of?  What if we made it go viral?
The #SickAndTiredChallenge was born.